Four-Steps to Choose What to Do With Your Life

I was listening to Linchpin during my commute this morning.1 With good books this is a good practice because you’ll discover things you missed on previous passes. With great books like Seth Godin’s Linchpin, it’s a must-do because there’s so much gold in there it takes many passes to pan it all. This reading was no different.

The nugget I found this time was when Seth gave a tip that’s invaluable to guys like me who are trying to reclaim their lives by rediscovering their passions and self-actualizing:

“Find a niche where money flows as a regular consequence of the success of your idea.”

I built on this by thinking about the steps to make this lesson actionable. I came up with these four steps:

  1. List what you love
  2. Study how money flows in each situation where what you love is present
  3. Pick the part of the situation with the best ratio of money to love2, then do the work
  4. Pick the part of the situation with the highest love2 without regard to money, then do the work

Do the work that you select in both steps 3 and 4, unless the they are the same. If so, bonus!

  1. According to iTunes, this was my fifth listening; I swear it’s been more than that.
  2. These two are personal, so think it through.