GAE Problem Uploading Data After 1.5.2 SDK Update

Naturally the 1.5.2 update of the Google App Engine (GAE) SDK on my MacBook cleared my datastore. That’s a big deal right now as I’m into the last week of development on the mobile app I’m building for attendees of the 2011 Rethinking Everything conference.

Weeks back I completed the bulkdata load to the production server so I periodically download the current datastore and upload it to my local datastore. Fortunately, I did that earlier today. Unfortunately, the upload failed after updating the SDK.

At the end of the stack trace was this error:

BadRequestError: app "dev~rethinkingprogramapp" cannot access app "rethinkingprogramapp"'s data

The fix is simple if you run into this. Simple, that is, if you read the release notes. The application name in the SDK is now prefixed with “dev~” so prepend that to your app name for the –application argument to bulkdata load commands.