How to Quickly Add Breadcrumbs in Thesis

On one of my WordPress and Thesis powered websites I wanted breadcrumbs to help visitors navigate. I felt this was especially important because the site is a traditional website using pages, rather than a blog using posts.

I quickly discovered the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin which cleanly did exactly what I wanted, including integrating with themes by adding a function. I downloaded and installed the plugin. I customized the settings in the site’s dashboard then moved on to the final step: integrating the plugin with Thesis.

Here’s how to add a function to Thesis to make the breadcrumbs appear below the header.

  1. Open custom_functions.php in the Thesis Custom File Editor
  2. Insert the following code into custom_functions.php
  3. Click the “Big Ass Save Button”
  4. Check out your site with its new breadcrumb feature
********************* Breadcrumb NavXT *********************
function display_breadcrumbs() {
	<div class="breadcrumbs">
	if(function_exists('bcn_display')) {