Creative Portfolio is a resource for people who want a recommendation for which point and shoot camera to buy. Cameras are recommended for different types of use. The information is kept non-technical so that people with little or no knowledge of photography will benefit.

Best Point And Shoot Advice Home Page

I conceived and designed the site which uses the Thesis WordPress theme. I designed and created the header graphic and wrote all the content. is the homepage of actor, director, vocalist, and coach Carrie Jay. I conceived and created the header including the headshot. I built the site by customizing the SmallBiz theme.

 Free Obituaries Found is a web site I conceived, designed, and built to prevent the loss of obituaries due to the decline of newspapers and libraries. is a video blog where I publish how-to videos to aid people in using software to research their family histories.

I designed and built it using the extraordinary WordPress theme, Thesis. is a web-based, evidence-driven genealogy application I conceived, designed, and built as a service. Evidence-driven genealogy is a maverick approach to research so I included help and tips that appear only where needed and until the genealogist has demonstrated mastery of the function.

The application helps genealogists and family historians manage and analyze evidence. Reporting is important to accomplish this so the application is made to both display on screen and produce beautiful printed documents from pages.

The Rethinking Program web application for smart phones helps conference attendees plan session attendance and see what is currently happening.

Screenshot of the Rethinking Program .com Schedule Page

I designed and built the application with frequent client check-ins to be sure needs were met and the highest priorities were satisfied. The icon on the home page was provided by the client. I based the colors in the application on those in the logo.

Rethinking Proram Home Page Screenshot

Things to Teach, Inc. is the company through which I publish genealogy content and offer the web-based applications I create.

In addition to configuring the Thesis WordPress theme, I created the logo.