Three Little Words

I’m going to do something different starting today. It’s uncomfortable. And it’s in complete alignment with one of my big 5 for life, which I wrote this morning.

Before I die I want to: experience all children growing while showered with love and free from coersion.

This is a big one! It applies to all childern too—even the one inside you and me.

I thought about how to achieve this while driving to work this morning. I imagined being in our world when this is reality. I knew that I would be different in many ways. One of these I commit to starting now.

I saw myself telling each person I encountered that I love them; to contribute to showering them with love.

I don’t mean the empty, mechanical, “I love you” so often encountered. I saw and sensed an authentic “I love you” that was felt by the recipient too. I imagined how joyous I would feel if others did the same for me and wanted all the more to do this little kindness for everyone.

Later, I reflected on the vision and felt uncomfortable. I knew from that discomfort that it was something I had to do.

I’m making this part of my loving-kindness practice: I will give these three little words to each person I encounter every day. I will push past the discomfort. I will mean it. I will experience my dream as reality.

I love you.