Unofficial Titan Wars Strategy Guide

Build a massive legion. Add me: BLBYN.

Build a treasure pile a dragon would envy by leveraging the power of compounding:

  • Don’t give your coin to the bank! The 10% you lose is slippage; you’ll never get it back.
  • Instead, invest by buying the lowest cost treasure until all 200 treasure slots are full.
  • Every hour the game will pay you interest!
  • When you get enough coin to buy the next highest treasure, sell one or more of your lower treasures to free spots. Don’t sell more than necessary; you want to keep all 200 treasure slots full.
  • Then buy the next most expensive treasure.
  • Bathe in gold.

Get the most experience and gold per quest by downloading and using the Titan Wars Quest Report (last updated 2010-04-24). It lists each quest by tier, the average experience and gold gain or loss for each run, and any gold, legion, or item costs.